Hemant Aggarwal

WordPress Developer - Tech Author

23 Year old, aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Have engineering degree, a big fan of WordPress, and I love to code.


  • Started Working at Expedia DECEMBER 2022

    Started working as an Android Developer at Expedia Group

  • Android Developer at Lead School MARCH 2022 - DECEMBER 2022

    Working as an Android Developer at LEAD School.

  • Started My Journey With Deutsche Telekom APRIL 2019 - MARCH 2022

    Started working as an Android Developer with Deutsche Telekom.

  • Started Developing Android Apps July 2015 - MARCH 2019

    Shifted to JAVA and Android development from PHP. So far, happy with the transition

  • Started My Journey With Mstoic JULY 2014

    Started working as a full-time PHP developer with Mstoic. Will create WordPress themes and plugins for our clients.

  • Started Freelance Web Development July 2013

    Working as a Freelance Web Developer.