Hemant Aggarwal

WordPress Developer - Tech Author

23 Year old, aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Have engineering degree, a big fan of WordPress, and I love to code.


  • Developer @ mstoicthemes.com JUNE 2014 - PRESENT

    I have developed a WordPress themes for blogs. Learn more

  • Author @ mstoic.com JANUARY, 2013 - PRESENT

    After HackTricks, I shifted my domain to mstoic.com, which I still use for blogging. It contains articles ranging from best computer apps, WordPress development articles, and some other random tech stuff.

  • Started my Blogging Journey MAY, 2011 - JANUARY, 2013

    I established http://www.hacktricks.in on
    21 May 2011 and continued to write tech articles for almost 2 years. After this, I started learning to code and also switched the domain name to http://www.mstoic.com.